The Trashy Story

Told by none other than the expert of The Rich and Famous, Mr. Robin Leach...

...Where would all of Hollywood's most beautiful women be without the help of Trashy Lingerie? Its owners, Mitchell and Tracy Shrier opened the doors to the tantalizing Tinseltown store almost 25 years ago! With only one store located on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles, Trashy Lingerie has worldwide name recognition for providing their rich and famous clientele with only the highest quality of lingerie and clothing. "Our Fantasy is Fulfilling Yours" is their slogan, and let me assure you that is EXACTLY what they do.

On any given day you may run into Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, Avril Levine, Christina Auglaira, Emma Stone, Charleze Therone, Natalie Portman,Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts...... to even Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. We even had  Madonna, picking up another one of her famous Bullet Corsets which Trashy specially designed for her, as well as Pamela Anderson Lee coming in for a fitting for another one of those super low V leather corsets like the one she wore inBarb Wire. Many of Hollywood's stars have come to learn that the "Sky's the Limit", when it comes to Trashy! You may start by looking at one of the over 8000 designs to choose from, all of which are designed by Mitch and his extraordinary design staff. Everything in the store is produced right on the premises. There are 30 seamstresses, handsewers and pattern makers, which makes it easy for them to custom fit all the very different bodies to their original designs. Dolly Parton takes advantage of this free custom tailoring to accommodate the part of her body which is well endowed!

Now let's face it, not everybody is comfortable walking into a store which caters to intimate undergarments that spice up your life. Which is exactly the reason that Trashy is not open to the public. It's a private, members-only store. To become a member, you must fill out an application and pay your yearly dues of $2.00. You will then be handed a pink membership card, which entitles you toallof Trashy's privileges. (My card is # 000,001-- I'm proud to let you know that I am one of Trashy's original members. I filmed forLifestyle of the Rich and FamousandEntertainment Tonightand Mitch and Tracy have become good personal friends.) Today there are over 400,000 members from all over the world. If you were allowed to glance through the many rolodexes surrounding the guarded entrance, you would come across the names of such members as: Cher, (we filmed her lingerie closet in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous),Traci Lords, Winona Ryder, Roseanne, Elizabeth Berkley, Demi Moore, Brigette Nielson, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Heather Locklear, Susan Sarandon, Bette Midler, Gwenyth Paltrow and Brooke Shields, just to name a few.

If love is blind, why is there lingerie..? Everyone knows that women are not the only ones who buy lingerie. Men like to look at the ladies!! Trashy Lingerie's experienced sales staff can help any man figure out what will look good on his wife, girlfriends or mistress. Just ask Rob Lowe or Robert Downey Jr. ,Tony Curtis loves to dress his Marilyn Monroe-look-alike girlfriend in Trashy clothes. Trashy typically will only make clothes and lingerie for women, but occasionally a movie studio or record label will persuade them to make an outfit for such stars as Elton John, Mickey Rourke or Dennis Rodman. (In Rodmans' case it was a two piece bikini, which ended up on the cover of Sports Magazine.)

Most of you know that I have seen and filmed some of the most beautiful and tasteful array of clothing from the closets of the most rich and famous people in the world. This is why you can believe me when I give Trashy Lingerie my highest stamp of approval. Trashy is the first place winner of excellence in achievement for the highest quality of design and manufacturing for lingerie and clothing.

Silk-stocking wishes and lace lingerie dreams,

Robin Leach